CEO Performance Management for Nonprofit Boards and Executives ***PLUS Bonus materials***


CEO Performance Management for Nonprofit Boards and Executives ***PLUS Bonus materials***

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Seven sessions in MP3 audio format, (36 minutes 40 secs) (80.7MB)

Did you know high-performing CEOs cite poor performance management as a major reason they have left, or would leave their current position?

A formal process of recognizing performance is crucial if you want to maintain the loyalty and commitment of the CEO.

This audiobook (mp3 format) is made up of seven sessions that will walk you through a robust process to performance manage the CEO.

This audiobook will teach you:  

  • Why most attempts at CEO performance management do not work
  • A tested and proven process for performance management of the CEO and Board
  • How the Board can contribute to CEO development and build trust
  • How to implement a succession plan for the CEO before you need one

Bonus Materials

Bonus 1: Succession Planning for the CEO and Key Staff

A resource to assist in dentifying the required skills and characteristics that the organization will need into the future, sourcing the most appropriate people, and ensuring that the whole process is strategically and seamlessly managed. Includes a key personnel transition strategy and a sample critical path for CEO succession planning.

Bonus 2: The Role of the Nonprofit CEO in creating Culture

Most organizational cultures are formed unconsciously by the CEO and leadership team and habitually sustained by employees and stakeholders. The CEO is the single greatest potential influence on the organizational culture. This resource includes the five conscious CEO practices for developing culture: Describe the Culture you desire; Lead with Questions; Consciously Model the Way: mindset, behaviour, symbols and processes; Promote a Common Vision; and Foster collaboration and build spirited teams. Practical tools are presented with examples provided.

Bonus 3: Sample Charters for the three true Board committees

There are three true Board committees that facilitate the accountability and decision making of the Board, including performance management. The Finance/Audit/Risk subcommittee looks after the P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, investment and possibly the risk management processes. The Governance subcommittee looks after the skills analysis, recruitment process, induction, and ongoing performance management of both the CEO and the Board itself. The Internal Audit subcommittee ensures that key processes and policies are actually followed.

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