Directors' Compendium

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Directors' Compendium


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A curated selection of the most critical articles that all Directors should read on governance, strategy, risk management and leadership.

Challenge your understanding of these concepts through case studies, articles and research designed to be easily consumed over an extended period of time.

Use this as a guiding manual and return to the concepts as your career advances and your experience deepens.

The material has been developed over decades of field work from Conscious Governance, and thousands of hours of consulting work with leading organizations.

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Sample articles include:

A quick guide to writing an impactful vision statement

The Six Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask To Enhance Your Board’s Strategic Awareness

The 7 Essential Skills of a Successful CEO

WATCH: The Secret to Reading any Financial Report  

Is your Boardroom optimized for success? The 3 thinking habits to watch out for in 2016

Who needs a seat on your planning team?  

New strategic plan? 7 tips you need to read  

5 Practices Every CEO Should Adopt to Help Their Business Thrive   

11 engagement techniques to improve your board attendance rates  

The responsibilities of the Honorary Treasurer are too much for any one individual. Try this instead. 

The powers of nonprofit boards VS members: What you need to know   

The 8 behaviors of any business that hopes to expand its consciousness  

How to attract more money and resources to your not-for-profit  

How to Remove an Unproductive Board Member  

For the board savvy CEO: your 8 steps to building an unbreakable relationship with the board   

What do you do when a Board member steps over the line?  

How to strengthen the most important relationship in your nonprofit   

How do you stop a great CEO from leaving? Change their performance management

For the senior executive: the 5 tips you need to become an innovator

Before you alert the press: How to evaluate merger opportunities for the greatest compatibility

Leadership VS friendship: How to maintain a relationship in the workplace for those in positions of authority

[Watch] How to use a vision filter for strategic advantage

What is strategic awareness? 8 ways you can begin to use it in business and in life

Stop competing for less: How to adopt a 'blue ocean strategy' and unlock value innovations in the Boardroom

[Watch] How to remain competitive and resilient with scenario planning

For the nonprofit CEO: 3 responsibilities you must embrace for higher performance

What is an in camera session? How to maintain confidentiality in the Boardroom without generating fear