Innovation in the Board Room (Approximately 2hrs-Video)


Innovation in the Board Room (Approximately 2hrs-Video)

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What would it be like if you could tap into innovative revenue streams without spending all of your time and money on research and development or mergers? 

It seems far fetched, but sometimes all it takes is a willingness to connect the dots that have always been there, but you have been unable to see.

Connecting the dots in your organization requires the right mindset and the right strategy. But if you accept the challenge, new ideas and possibilites will flow with abundance. 

“Innovation in the Board Room” has been designed to demystify how your Board and organization can create and implement new revenue sources without losing sight of its vision or long term goals.

Presenter Steven Bowman champions innovative thinking, from his experience of coaching many hundreds of boards on the strategies it takes to innovate. This product showcases real examples and case studies throughout.

'Innovation in the Board Room' will show you:
-How to use your current vision/mission statement to unlock innovation
-How to use power questions as tools for innovation
-How your risk register can be mined for opportunity
-How to structure board agendas to think more creatively
-How to become a 'pragmatic futurist' and see which trends on the horizon are likely to impact you
-Techniques to embed innovation throughout your organization no matter its size
Bonus resources included: 
-Innovation Vision Matrix
-Risk Management Register and Plan
-Business Case Criteria for Assessing Opportunity
-Sample Strategic Board Agenda

Delivered as a link to a private YouTube video with learning resources attached (approximately 2hrs). You will need to be online to view this product.

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