Prosperity Consciousness: Leading Yourself to Money with Conscious Awareness (PDF)


Prosperity Consciousness: Leading Yourself to Money with Conscious Awareness (PDF)


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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to generate money easily, while others are predestined for a life of financial lack? Or why some people seem to have an easier time with their life, while others seem to thrash about and struggle with great effort?

We have discovered that it has nothing to do with education, intelligence, work habits, luck, investment know how or choice of jobs. The secret is Consciousness. Your ability to generate wealth is relative to your consciousness around money.

This book is a gift to everyone who is dedicated to creating a life that is greater than what they now have, and to making a difference in the world. It is based on the Access Energy for Transformation philosophy of living and our own personal and business experience. We aspire to elucidate how you can lead yourself to success, abundance, prosperity, wealth and money with consciousness and shift any part of your reality that isn't working. This book provides you with tools, inspiration and transformational processes you can use on your path to money with consciousness.

Key Points to Lead Yourself to Money with Conscious Awareness

The universe is an abundant place. There are truly infinite possibilities.

True abundance has nothing to do with what you have. It has everything to do with who you choose to be. If you choose to be prosperous and to be prosperity consciousness, then you can be. If you choose to be unconscious and to live in the scarcity paradigm, then you create your life based on that. It is your choice!

Your consciousness always determines your conditions and circumstances. Unless your prosperity consciousness expands, your relationship with money will remain the same. You will have the same degree of limitation and the same degree of financial mess.

The key to transforming your consciousness around money is to take a leadership role in your life. You must choose to become the leader of your own life and the creator of your own reality. You must begin to expand your ability to receive everything with gratitude and without judgment.

To embrace prosperity consciousness, you have to step up and become more than you have been willing to be. This means you must become willing to be more in every respect. You have to stop refusing to be everything you truly are. Are you willing to step out of the scarcity paradigm and become the outstanding, glorious, and magnificent being you truly are?

Money is actually easy to attract. There is an abundance of money and resources, a never ending supply. It is only your unwillingness to receive that makes money hard for you to obtain.

Your ability to create unlimited amounts of money is conditioned by two factors: the point of view you have about money and your resistance to it. These are the factors that create your unwillingness to receive.

The main thing you are unwilling to receive is the greatness of you. If you are willing to receive the uniqueness and the greatness of you, and if you are willing to allow the world and everyone to see the uniqueness and the greatness of you, then the world will gift to you what you truly deserve.

When you receive the greatness you truly are, then everything in your life will start to transform¡Xincluding your financial situation. Being open and willing to receive everything with gratitude and without judgment will allow you to expand your awareness and ability and to access infinite possibilities.

All of your unwillingness to receive the greatness of who you truly are, and all of the talents, abilities, and awareness that you decided you couldn't have, you will you now claim, own, and acknowledge them and destroy and un-create everything that doesn't allow them to exist?

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