Strategic Risk Management for Nonprofit Boards and Executives (MP3)

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Strategic Risk Management for Nonprofit Boards and Executives (MP3)

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11 sessions in MP3 audio format, 42 minutes(102.8 MB)

Session 1: What do we think risk is? A different way of looking at risk. Risk as strategic advantage and potential opportunity. 4m52s

Session 2: The Board's role in Risk Management Why should the Board be interested in risk? How to get your Board interested in risk. What information should the Board be receiving. Getting the staff involved. 5m25s

Session 3: The Components of Risk Management #1 How to identify risk. Who should identify risk? Issues with risk software. 4m40s

Session 4: The Components of Risk Management #2 Ranking processes that actually work. Strategic advantage from understanding potential to occur, impact if it does, and existing controls. Action planning for project management of risk controls. Risk management as a Board policy. 4m25s

Session 5: Risk Management as a Board priority Risk Management policy. Agreeing on key risks. Reporting against agreed risks. 2m34s

Session 6: Audit of Risk processes Who to involve in the audit. Creative destruction of risk processes. 5m34s

Session 7: Practical Ideas for Identifying Risk 5 practical ideas for identification of risk. 2m

Session 8: Processes for Ranking and Treating Risk Developing definitions on risk ranking. Ranking the potential for the risk to occur. Ranking the impact if the risk does occur. Ranking the quality of the existing risk controls. Action planning the treatment of risk. 5m15s

Session 9: Turning Risk to Strategic Advantage Looking for the strategic opportunity. Using an ethical filter. 4m07s

Session 10: Getting your Board to Understand Risk Modelling your behaviour regarding risk. The impact of Board reports. 1m58s

Session 11: Risk and Performance Management Developing Key Performance Indicators. The three types of KPIs. 3m18s

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