The Conscious Chief Executive: Leading Your Nonprofit Organization to Success with Awareness (PDF)


The Conscious Chief Executive: Leading Your Nonprofit Organization to Success with Awareness (PDF)


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This book is for all chief executives of nonprofit organizations, regardless of size or sector. Whether the chief executive runs a charity, membership association, NGO, educational institute, church or club, the practices, tools and information in this book will assist them to cultivate conscious leadership acumen and wisdom that they can apply to their own situation.

This book is based on the awareness that all nonprofit organizations have unlimited potential and possibility to become successful and thriving if they are led by conscious leaders.

Chief executives who cultivate an intensity of awareness and higher levels of conscious leadership are the key to creating a balanced integration of organization vision, strategy, risk and operational realities. Conscious leadership is not a philosophy. Nor is it some kind of airy-fairy mystical fabrication. Conscious leadership is a process of ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’. This establishes the quality, attitude and disposition which delineates truly extraordinary leaders.

There are four central themes running through ‘The Conscious Chief Executive-Leading your nonprofit organization to success from awareness’.

1.Every chief executive has conscious leadership potential. The key to becoming a conscious chief executive is “consciousness” - the talents and abilities that are innate to all of us. The good news is that it is possible for everyone to increase their zone of awareness and consciousness if they choose.

2. Consciousness is only a matter of choice. If chief executives choose to be conscious, then they can be. If they choose to be unconscious, then they can be that as well. Their choice!!! Everything is choice, everything is infinite possibility!

3. Conscious leadership begins with self-mastery. Chief executives cannot lead with conscious awareness until they first become a conscious leader of their own life. This requires a careful self examination and sincere willingness to expand their zone of awareness that will provide the foundation for chief executives to embody and be conscious leaders.

4. Conscious leadership is a process of ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’. Becoming a conscious nonprofit CEO is not just about learning to be a leader. It is about allowing their already existing inner leadership qualities to come forth. It requires chief executives to live in the world as the greatness that invites everybody else to be the greatness of them.

'The Conscious Chief Executive-Leading your nonprofit organization to success from awareness’ shows what it would take for chief executives to become conscious leaders and to embody and be the greatness of who they truly are. It provides chief executives of nonprofit organizations a practical conscious leadership "toolbox" of strategies for:

  • Evolving from conventional leaders to conscious leaders

  • Overcoming previous unconscious conditioning that restricts their ability to perceive beyond existing parameters.

  • Expanding their zone of awareness to embody and be the intensity of awareness where they can live from total perceiving, knowing, being and receiving.

  • Expanding their awareness and getting out of mass density vibration levels.

  • Living at the creative edge of this reality and being open to life in such a way that celebration becomes their natural state of being

  • Leading in the present moment

Break Out of the Unconscious Conditioning Trap

A chief executive has the power to make an incredible difference. It can be a magnificent, affirmative contribution, particularly when approached with dedication to conscious awareness, or it can be a negative contribution when it is approached with unconscious or anticonscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

If their organization is to thrive and provide real value, the chief executive is required to be primarily conscious and must also have attention on consciousness in all aspects of the organization. If chief executives want their organizations to operate in a conscious way, with awareness, then they must walk the talk. If employees don’t see this at the highest level of the organization they won’t be inspired to choose awareness themselves.

  • Is your life enough for you?

  • Are you totally at peace, ease and joy with your job, health, finance and personal relationships?

  • Are you conscious and aware in how you express your vision, values and strategies as a chief executive?

  • Are you able to be totally present at all times, able to function in the simultaneity of past, present and future?

If you can't answer these questions with an unequivocal "yes," ‘The Conscious Chief Executive-Leading your nonprofit organization to success from awareness’ will boost your leadership acumen into a new realm of awareness and effectiveness.

This book is based on proven strategies tested in Board rooms and senior leadership tems around the world. These strategies can assist you to lead your life and your organization with conscious awareness. Even if you're already practicing these general principles, you will find lots of specific tools and practices that you can add to your toolbox.

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