A world first app for directors & an exciting new perspective on the art of governance


Specially designed to provide Directors with insights, knowledge and key questions to ask during Board meetings, this app is the distillation of over 35 years in the business world.

Who needs this app?

  1. Experienced leaders and those in emerging leadership roles
  2. Professionals with strategy responsibilities: founders, entrepreneurs, business owners and mid-sized organizations who wish to create a better world
  3. Individuals who would like to increase their leadership effectiveness and develop as both a leader at home, in the workplace and as a member of society


Over 25 instructional videos on topics such as:

  • How to use your organizational vision statement
  • How to conduct inductions for new directors
  • How to develop strategic board agendas
  • How to deal with personality driven conflict on the board
  • How to evaluate your board 
  • How to review your charter and constitution 

In addition, the app houses a comprehensive toolkit of information including areas such as: risk, finance, governance, decision-making and strategy.


How to use the app effectively

  1. Prior to each board meeting to ensure you have the knowledge to ask the questions which will unlock strategic discussions
  2. During the board meeting, to remind you of the questions which must be asked
  3. After the board meeting, to remind you of the follow up questions to should be asking and put some of the conversations at the board meeting into context







“The Strategic Board Essentials app is fantastic. With the blogs, podcasts, videos and tools there is a huge amount of material for senior managers and board members. I use the app all the time now while in transit. I just plug in the earphones and click a few buttons and I’m away.”

Paul Vardy – Golf Australia


Test it out for yourself



“After downloading and familiarizing with the app I have recommended to the rest of my board that this is an essential tool to have in their arsenal and look forward to utilizing at our next meeting.”

-Chair, ETCO, Australia