Webinar Schedule

You will learn:

-The mindset and behaviours you must master in order to become a great leader

-The difference between management and leadership

-How to foster a positive relationship with your staff

-How to empower everyone in your organization to embrace the your strategy and vision


In this free webinar you will learn:

- What (and what not) to use you Frequent Flyer points for

- Industry hacks for selecting your airline

- Why you should be buying points from airlines

- Which credit cards offer the best rewards for your dollar

- How to stockpile the maximum amount of points for your next trip


You will learn:

- Why you need a formal induction program for Board members and directors

- How to make it consistent

- The importance of a visit to the organisation

-The major advantage of having a meeting with the Chair, the CEO and the new board member to share the culture of the board

-Why you don’t send out a package of paperwork as your “induction”